SOLD Boeing 747 & 737 landing lights

We managed to get our hands on some very decorative parts from KLM Boeing 747s and a SAS Boeing 737. Before the aircraft were scapped, some of the landing lights were spared. We can offer Boeing 737 lights from LN-RNN and Boeing 747 lights from PH-BFF and PH-BFR.

Lighting up the room virtually

The landing lights will make excellent decorative items in your room, office or bar. Imagine the buzz such an item will create when displayed, along with the stories that come with these pieces of aviation history.


  • Authentic items, limited numbers available
  • Used condition (dents and scratches possible)
  • Individual items may vary from the photos shown here, we can send you detailed photos of your item before you order
  • Size: ø25 x 11 cm (large) and ø18 x 11 cm (small)
  • Weight: ±1 kg