Approach sequence lights

Originally, these Honeywell ASL-40 approach sequence flash lights were installed in the approach of Klagenfurt airport in Austria. The lights are used for additional indication of the centre line of an approach to an airport and spaced at 30 meter intervals. The row of strobe lights is often referred as “the rabbits” or “the running rabbit”.

Retired running rabbit

We have acquired a number of these approach lights and modified them for use as interior lights. We installed them on a rugged oak base and added a power cord, with switch, and a 230V LED-light. The LED-bulb is NOT flashing anymore. The lights are available in various heights.


  • Authentic item, several available
  • Used condition (colour variations, dents and scratches possible)
  • Size: oak base; 33 x 50 x 5 cm, height varies
  • Weight: ±20 kg
  • Price: € 375.- to € 395.- (depending on the height)
  • Other details on request