Boeing 737 nosewheel door

Thinking about airliners, most of the times only two names come to mind; Airbus and Boeing. The hugely successful Boeing 737 is still being built in large numbers, while older aircraft of the type are being scrapped. When the aircraft are scrapped, some unique items become available for decoration. This is also the case for this nosewheel door of former Sriwijaya Air boeing 737 PK-CML.

Anyone with the initials ML?

The nosewheel door can easily be incorporated in almost any interior. The bright white with black lettering make it stand out and draw attention. A perfect present for someone with the initials ML or a company that identifies itself with these two letters.

We also have anonymous version that comes without the letters ML.


  • Unique authentic item, only one available
  • Used condition (dents and scratches possible)
  • Size: 177 x 46 x 16 cm
  • Weight: ±10 kg
  • Price: € 349.- (or € 249.- when without letters ML)
  • Other details on request