Kuwait Airways Boeing 747 exhaust cone fireplace

When Kuwait Airways’ Boeing 747 9K-ADE was dismantled, a large number of its parts ended up in other Boeing Jumbo Jets. This was not the case for the exhaust cones of its General Electric CF6-engines. We acquired three of these cones from AELS and turned them into very distinctive fireplaces.

Fire it up!

The result is an impressive fireplace, standing 2.15 metres tall. By adding this fireplace to your garden, patio or backyard space, you become the owner of something really remarkable and special. Besides adding warmth, ambiance and even aroma, this Boeing 747 spin-off lets you take your love for aviation into the outdoors!


  • Authentic item, only three available
  • Used condition (dents and scratches possible)
  • Size: 215 x ø75 cm
  • Weight: ±50 kg
  • Price: € 2495.-
  • Other details on request