Thorn taxiway lights

If you have ever flown in an aircraft, you might recall the characteristic blue lights next to the taxiway. You can now replicate this feeling for yourself. We have taken a number of original Thorn taxiway lights and thoroughly cleaned them. We also replaced the original light source with a 3W LED light and installed a power cord with a connector and a switch. We have retained the original layer of distinctive yellow paint.

#11585 please

Interesting aspect is that the Thorn lights are all individually numbered. You can choose between two shapes of the blue glass; rectangular or cup shaped. You can also choose whether or not the light should be installed on a stainless steel base. You can now add the feeling of air travel to your office, living room, study or restaurant by acquiring one or more of these lights from us. We are happy to ship them to you soon after ordering.


  • Authentic item, limited number available
  • Used condition (colour variations, dents and scratches possible)
  • Fitted with 3W LED light
  • For indoor use only
  • Size: ø18 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Price: € 179.- each (or € 199.- when installed on a stainless steel base)
  • Other details on request