What’s missing?

If you share our passion for aviation make sure to get in touch. Would you like to see a specific piece offered in one of our collections? Do you have a fascinating idea for an aviation product? We encourage you to speak up.

There’s more than meets the eye

We can provide a lot more items than we currently show here. We have several ejection seats for instance that still need some care and attention before we can offer them for sale. Also, we can deliver various parts as collectibles (C-130 propeller blades, flaps, slats, etc.). The same goes for smaller items like seat belts, life vests, cockpit instruments, etc., which we offer via www.aviation-gadgets.com. Feel free to contact us to find out if we can help you with a specific request.

Sell to us

You can approach Blackbird Aviation as well if you would like to sell items that would perfectly fit one of our collections. This could be an item that is directly usable as an item for our collectibles, or an item that needs some work to turn it into a luxury item for a living room or restaurant.