Lockheed C2 ejection seat – polished

This Lockheed C2 seat was once installed in a German Air Force F-104G Starfighter. It has been upcycled and turned into a unique and breathtaking desk chair. The seat has undergone a complete metamorphosis. All major parts have been mirror polished. A tailored leather seat and backrest have been added. The headrest, also covered in leather, resembles the red colour the original Starfighter ejection seats had.

Deluxe office

Can you imagine having this seat in your office? A truly unique way of enjoying your daily work routine. Or, display it as an attention drawing masterpiece in any room. No matter how you use it, or where you put it, there is no doubt it will bring across that a lot of expert man hours went into creating this awesome piece of furnishing.


  • Unique handcrafted item, only one available
  • Authentic origins
  • Size: 155 x 60 x 93 cm
  • Weight: ±55 kg
  • Price and other details on request