SOLD Lockheed C2 ejection seat

Original Lockheed C2 TF-104G ejection seat (forward seat). Seat will be delivered as shown. You can use the seat as is and let it play a major role in your interior. You can also consider it as a major asset of your mancave or put it on display as part of your aviation themed bar.

Service history

The airframe this seat came from, aircraft 28+23, first flew on 29 August 1967. It served with the German Air Force first, before it was transferred to the German Navy. The aircraft was delivered to the Hellenic Air Force in 1987 and is now preserved in Greece.


  • Unique authentic item, only one available
  • Used condition (dents and scratches possible)
  • Size: 134 x 60 x 93 cm
  • Weight: ±60 kg