Westland Lynx horizontal stabiliser

These horizontal stabilisers were once attached to a British Westland Lynx helicopter, making it unique pieces of aviation history. We have stabilisers from both British Army Air Corps helicopters (camouflaged) as well as Royal Navy helicopters (grey) available to be part of your home.

Beautiful on any level

This unique part will look great in any office or mancave with its distinctive form and shape. It will certainly keep the conversation at a high level wherever it is placed. Make sure to get your hands on such a piece of aviation history, as we only have a few available. You can choose to have them as is, or buy them on a custom-made stand (either polished or in a matte finish).


  • Authentic item, limited number available
  • Used condition (dents and scratches possible)
  • Individual items may vary from the photos shown here, we can send you detailed photos of your item before you order
  • Available in grey and camouflage
  • Size: 143 x 76 x 11 cm (excluding base)
  • Weight: ±12 kg
  • Price: € 795.- (or € 1495.- when on a custom-made stand)
  • Other details on request